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Vezi episodul  The Wire  Sez 4 - Ep 12,  episod online

That's Got His Own

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“That all there is to it?” – Bubbles

While searching for the missing bodies, Freamon goes around the chain of command after being rebuked by Landsman. Carcetti finds that his promises of raises could be undermined by the school debt, forcing him to consider groveling before the Governor for money to pay it off. Colvin tries to keep his experimental class funded. Bubbles considers taking extreme measures to get rid of the man who continues to steal from him. Prez is concerned about Dukie’s academic promotion. Omar orchestrates another big sting while Namond and Cutty get a first-hand taste of the “new” Michael. Carver’s promise to look out for Randy ends up looking empty.

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The Wire season 4

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